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Boletin UIPAN – Number 4



University Extension Diploma in Extrajudicial and Notarial Law


It is a pleasure to inform you of the IV Edition, of the University Course of «EXTRAJUDICIAL AND NOTARY LAW», that thanks to the initiative and impulse of FEAPEN and ELNOTARIO.COM, will begin on February 26, 2017.

The course will be taught online in one of the best public universities in Spain, the UNIVERSIDAD PABLO DE OLAVIDE in Seville, where it is already publicized and pre-registrations can be made:

We are facing a University Course without competence in this matter, both for the subject and for the teachers of it.

We have tried to make the cost of tuition available to all employees of Notaries and legal professionals. Tuition fees amount to only FIVE HUNDRED FIFTY EUROS (€ 550), and in addition, passing the Course leads to obtaining 40 ECTS credits.

The duration of the course is 300 hours of virtual teaching, which will run for 7 months, from February 26 to September 15, 2018.

This course is aimed at all legal professionals who wish to deepen the extrajudicial and notarial law, especially for lawyers, notaries and registrars. Students of legal branches, Law graduates and other legal careers.

The graduated or licensed status is not required as long as professional experience is accredited in the subject matter of the course, thanks to the negotiation of FEAPEN to enable access to Notary Officer and Registers officers to non-graduates. Those professionals who wish to obtain the specific and general skills and competences that the Course offers will also be admitted.


UIPAN, presentation video


The International Union of Professional Auxiliaries of Notaries, is an international association, created to facilitate the meeting between the hundreds of thousands of workers of Notaries. In this video, made on the occasion of the First Seminar organized by UIPAN to present the International Professional School of Auxiliaries of Notaries, our president Juan Carlos Martínez Ortega talks about the values, objectives and expectations of the association.


UIPAN Professional International School is born


On October 7th, the First Seminar organized by UIPAN – International Professional Union of auxiliaries Notaries, took place in the city of Santiago de Compostela, to present the International Professional School of Notaries’ Auxiliary.

The Seminar was chaired by UIPAN President Juan Carlos Martínez Ortega (Spain) and Vice-President Dina Nicosia (Italy).

At the event, in addition to all the members of the UIPAN Board of Directors, the event was attended by colleagues and professors from Spain, Belgium, Italy and Greece, as well as representatives of the Employee Associations of FEAPEN and UNIC@.

The school already has some thirty teachers (notaries, university professors, lawyers and education experts, and Officiales) from Europe and Latin America, who have shown their readiness to collaborate in this ambitious project aimed at a group of about two million professionals according to the International Union of Latino Notaries (UINL).

We have the presence of the President of the UINL, José Marqueño de Llano, accompanied by the Notaries of Madrid, Álvaro Lucini Mateo and Almudena Castro-Girona Martínez

The President of the UINL, Mr. Marqueño confirmed his support for the UIPAN training initiatives, as an important point during his mandate, showing the willingness to collaborate in this task.

The UIPAN International Professional School has already delivered more than 500 courses in more than 25 countries on four continents. We are confident that this exciting project, which has the backing of the Notary, will serve to strengthen the corporate and formative ties of the Notaries’ Auxiliary Corps.

The days prior to the Seminar, UIPAN was in a Stand at the 4th Congress of Notaries of Europe, maintaining a fluid relationship with Notarial Institutions, counting on the presence of many colleagues who worked tirelessly for the success of our participation in this event legal order. FEAPEN was represented by its Vice-President Alberto de la Vega, and the Secretary Mayte Martínez, and Ana Valle.


Seminar of open doors for the training of teachers of the UIPAN International School


It will take place in Halls of SOCIAL ABANCA (formerly Caixanova), in the central Plaza de Cervantes, numbers 17-18, of Santiago de Compostela, on October 7, to whose international meeting are invited all employees of Notaries , after registration in the Secretariat of UIPAN. Free entrance.


9:45 h. The event will be moderated by Juan Carlos Martínez and Dina Nicosia.

10:00 h. Welcome act.
Juan Carlos Rodicio Rodicio. Vocal of Uipan.

10:10h.  Presentation of the International Professional School of UIPAN.
Juan Carlos Martínez Ortega – President of UIPAN.

10:30 h. “Training? Yes thanks!
Dina Nicosia. Vicepresident of UIPAN.

10:50 h.  The professional training of Notary employees is fundamental for their future
Gabriele Rossetti. Vocal of UIPAN and President of UNIC@.

11:10 h.  How to face the challenge of teaching. Your first time. Juan Candela Cerdán.
Training consultant of FEAPEN.

11:30 h. – Coffee break

11:50 h. Teaching closeness is the key to success in learning.
Ángel Bautista Mesa.Training consultant of FEAPEN.

12:10 h. The preparation of tutorials vital piece to convey information.
Anne Malleu. Vocal of UIPAN.

12:30 h. Pedagogical guidelines to be effective in training courses.
Juan Carlos Martínez Ortega. College professor

12:50 h. Closing of the act.
Dina Nicosia. Vicepresident de UIPAN.


Boletin UIPAN – Number 3



Positive General Assembly of UIPAN in Rome


Last Saturday, May 27, the city of Rome hosted the General Assembly of the International Union of Notaries Profesional Assistants – UIPAN. It was attended by delegates from Italy, Spain and Greece.

It was highlighted the marked professional character of UIPAN and the need to follow the path of training for the collective of Notaries assistants spread around the world

Both the President and the Vice President, Juan Carlos Martínez and Dina Nicosia, presented to the attendees the next publications that will be published, whose editor is the UIPAN, under the titles «Introduction to Notarial Law» and «Practical Application of notarial principles » which serve as the base for two distance courses that already are taught with the invaluable collaboration of ELNOTARIADO.COM.

It was agreed the creation of the Professional International School of Notaries assistants, for which purpose, a faculty is being formed, admitting curricula vitae of Notaries employees with academic qualifications or experience, university professors, Notaries and Lawyers to collaborate in this project, since the Notary of Latin Court has more than 800,000 workers.

In addition, details were planned for the presence of UIPAN at the 4th Congress of Notaries of Europe which will be held in October in the emblematic city of Santiago de Compostela.

In just one year, UIPAN has thousands of affiliates from nearly 20 countries, mainly from Europe and Latin America, and is teaching courses in more than 25 countries on three continents.

 Undoubtedly, UIPAN has a marked roadmap that is effective, but we need partners for such international purposes. We count on you.