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Juan Carlos Martinez speaks of the relationship between mediation and notary


The official notary, lawyer and mediator, Juan Carlos Martinez , advocates the use of mediation in the notarial sector. «In the notary ‘s office we are all day conciliating» noted Martinez in his acceptance speech after receiving the Medal of Professional Merit . An award to the president of the International Union of Notaries Professional Assistants ( Uipan ) is a recognition of «the more than 40 year career.»

Juan Carlos Martinez is also honorary president of the State Employees Association of Notaries (Feapen). For professional notary, mediation is also a point to introduce in the notarial sector.

Relationship mediation and notary according to Juan Carlos Martínez

«The notice is a court center where conflicts are resolved , » said Martinez. Which noted that «we have been able to help many people to reach agreements» during his career.

In this sense, Juan Carlos Martinez  explained that there are cases that come to the notary in which no agreements in various clauses or contents. It is in these cases where you notary must mediate to «resolve conflicts that arise «. It is «helping others to reach agreements on controversial documentary , » he said.

A task that involves mediation. That is why we have launched a course of mediation and notarization. A project that aims to «help employees who have minimal notions to resolve conflicts. Which the notarization is suscitanen» explained Juan Carlos Martinez.

«What we want is that people can see their notarial wishes fulfilled. In this sense, Martinez explained that «in areas that are not clear mediation can promote it reaches a midpoint . So that that document prosper and avoid litigation. «