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Naples welcomes the first training seminar of UIPAN


On Saturday, April 14, 2018, at the prestigious Cervantes Institute in Naples (Italy), the Association «International Professional Union of Auxiliaries of Notaries» UIPAN carried out with outstanding success its first Training Seminar directed mainly to the group of employees of Notaries.

The seventy participants, from Italy, Spain and Greece, enjoyed the legal program that developed the practical aspects of the succession in Spain and Italy, highlighting the European Certificate of Succession.

The act was opened by Italian notary assistants Michela Crecentini and Dina Nicosia, Member and Vice President of UIPAN.

Next, the President of the Notarial Council of Naples, Antonio Areniello, spoke with encouraging words, showing how we have to work together and harmoniously Notaries and employees.

On the Spanish side, Juan Pablo Pérez Velázquez and Juan Carlos Martínez, professors of the Pablo de Olavide University of Seville and the Center for University Studies, of Madrid, respectively, attended the topics «The reform of the legitimate» and » The public testament in front of the holograph «.

The other participants were the Notaries: Antonio Fuccillo, whose lecture was «The Pact of Succession in the present Italian and future European» and Doménico Damascelli and Paolo Pascualis who explored the most practical aspects in the notarial offices on the «Certificate of European Succession».

The last lecture was given by Roberta Catalano, professor at the University of the «Luigi Vanvitelli» Company of Naples, who spoke on «The testament between Italian law and European circulation»

Gabrielle Rossetti, President of UNIC @, closed the ceremony.

As a culmination, a tribute was given to all the speakers, and the President and Vice President of UIPAN, Juan Carlos Martínez and Dina Nicosia, gave a public recognition also to the coordinator of the Seminar, Michela Crecentini, with warm applause

Undoubtedly, this first seminar has demonstrated the clear formative vocation of the Spanish International Association UIPAN, which is getting the support of notarial institutions to instruct and provide training to a group that is estimated around the world in about two million professionals