International Union of Notaries Professional Assistants

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Organization Chart


The International Union of Notaries Professional Assistants – UIPAN, with Spanish nationality, is governed by the Organic Law 1/2002 of 22 March.
UIPAN was incorporated by public deed on May 21, 2016, by the Notary of Madrid, Mr. Luis Jorquera Garcia.
UIPAN Board is composed of eight individuals with significant professional and legal way:

President: Juan Carlos Martínez Ortega.
VP: Dina Nicosia.
Treasurer: Rafael Rodríguez Domínguez.
Members: Anne Melleu, Gabriele Rosetti, Juan Carlos Rodicio Rodicio y Michela Crecentini.

Each member of the Board of Directors has assigned various functions and powerss.



Juan Carlos Martínez Ortega


Dina Nicosia


Anne Melleu

Rafael Rodríguez Domínguez

Gabriel Rosetti

Juan Carlos Rodicio Rodicio

Michela Crecentini