International Union of Notaries Professional Assistants

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Membership of Associations.

Associations Notaries employees anywhere in the world can be ascribed to UIPAN (International Professional Association of Notaries Auxiliary), and must apply in writing with this information:
a) Information Association, nationality, number of partners, location.
b) Photocopy of legal documents showing its existence.
c) Personal data of their legal representatives.
d) Address, telephone and e-mail.
The fee will Associations regarding the number of members of each of the associations, always seeking solidarity, the strongest associations will more than smaller associations or associations with less number of members.

Membership of individuals.

UIPAN known that in most countries of Latin Notaries are not Notary employees Associations. For this reason, UIPAN, open your organization to all fellow world individually so that they can benefit from UIPAN as an international association.
They may belong to UIPAN and join it, all employees and retired notary.
The UIPAN individual membership is free.
The people affiliated UNIC @ and FEAPEN and automatically integrated into UIPAN no additional cost.

Advantages of being individual member of UIPAN:

· Information by mail every three months UIPAN published in several languages (French, Spanish, Italian, etc.).
· The information and regular updates on the activities of the Association reviews.
· Information about notarial international issues.
· Articles and papers of professional interest.
· Right to participate in seminars, conferences, workshops and symposia organized by UIPAN or their members at special prices Associations.
·Legal and notarial advice and international information exchange

Tab for membership UIPAN.

You must fill in a form (in Spanish or English) and send it through e-mail or fax to the contact address UIPAN.

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Online affiliation form
If you preffer, you can use this affiliation form for joining UIPAN, please fill all the fields.


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