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The role of the notary in the globalized world


On 3 October, at the International University of La Rioja (UNIR), Secretary of UIPAN,
Alberto de la Vega and the President of FEAPEN, Jesus F. Fernandez, attended the
OpenClass, «The role of the notary in a world globalized » given by Dr. Jorge Pons,
Notary, Doctor of law, Diploma in Notarial law, University Juarez Autónoma of Tabasco,
National Association of Mexican Notaries, Association of Notaries of Tabasco, AC,
Villahermosa Tabasco (Mexico) and Dr. Thomas Ready (added Professor of Procedural
Law of the Uniting and Director of Research Group Globalaw) as a presenter.
In this OpenClass, Dr. Pons spoke of the important role of the notary in the world, the
differences and similarities in the development of functions, important advances that
are being developed to improve preventive legal certainty offered by the notarial
Globalization is a process that is affecting and transforming our society, acting in all
social, economic, political, cultural and technological fields. The notarial function, to be
efficient, it also has to adjust and adapt to new social and technological requirements
extrajudicial providing solutions in the legal field with due guarantee of safety and
From UIPAN and FEAPEN as notary employees and collaborators in the notarial
function, we want to congratulate the team of UNIR, Dr. Jorge Pons and Dr. Thomas
Ready, for sharing with us this magnificent sessions.
If you want to see this interesting OpenClass, click on this link…