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The Bari seminar is delayed


As a result of logistical problems that have arisen regarding the participants and speakers, the UIPAN Board of Directors has agreed to postpone the organization of the Seminar to a later time, probably next fall.
So much  the program and the participants in this Seminar are very advanced.
We trust that all the hard work done by Italian companions  we can appreciate it.
However, through this website we will inform you of the place, date and organization of the next Seminars.


Boletin UIPAN – Number 7



Juan Carlos Martinez speaks of the relationship between mediation and notary


The official notary, lawyer and mediator, Juan Carlos Martinez , advocates the use of mediation in the notarial sector. «In the notary ‘s office we are all day conciliating» noted Martinez in his acceptance speech after receiving the Medal of Professional Merit . An award to the president of the International Union of Notaries Professional Assistants ( Uipan ) is a recognition of «the more than 40 year career.»

Juan Carlos Martinez is also honorary president of the State Employees Association of Notaries (Feapen). For professional notary, mediation is also a point to introduce in the notarial sector.

Relationship mediation and notary according to Juan Carlos Martínez

«The notice is a court center where conflicts are resolved , » said Martinez. Which noted that «we have been able to help many people to reach agreements» during his career.

In this sense, Juan Carlos Martinez  explained that there are cases that come to the notary in which no agreements in various clauses or contents. It is in these cases where you notary must mediate to «resolve conflicts that arise «. It is «helping others to reach agreements on controversial documentary , » he said.

A task that involves mediation. That is why we have launched a course of mediation and notarization. A project that aims to «help employees who have minimal notions to resolve conflicts. Which the notarization is suscitanen» explained Juan Carlos Martinez.

«What we want is that people can see their notarial wishes fulfilled. In this sense, Martinez explained that «in areas that are not clear mediation can promote it reaches a midpoint . So that that document prosper and avoid litigation. «


Boletin UIPAN – Number 6



UIPAN participates in the convention on digitalization in Palermo


On November 10, 2018, an extraordinary International Convention organized by the Association of Italian Notary Dependents UNIC @ was held in the splendid Ducrot Room of the Grand Hotel «Piazza Borsa», in the city of Palermo, Sicily (Italy).

The title of the convention was PROFESSIONAL TRAINING AND SOCIAL PROTECTION, IN THE 21ST CENTURY OF DIGITIZATION AT THE SERVICE OF CITIZENS. The act was moderated by the Vice President of UIPAN and UNIC @, Dina Nicosia, architect and responsible for the organization of the Convention. In his speech he recalled the importance of artificial intelligence today.

In the act we received the institutional greetings by the Councilor for Training of the City of Palermo Dott. Gaspare Nicotri on behalf of Mayor Leoluca Orlando Cascio, Regional Councilor for Education and Education Prof. Roberto Lagalla and Notary Francesco Li Mandri for the Notarial Council of the Districts of Palermo and Termini Imerese.

It was attended by Italian and Sicilian notaries represented in the speeches of Dr. Maurizia Bertoncino, former founder and president of Unic @, now notary in Turin. Prof. Enrico Maccarone, Notary in Palermo, and Dr. Antonina Ferraro, Notary in Canicattì, who encouraged us to continue collaborating with notarial institutions and to continue training.

Then I take the floor the President of UIPAN, Juan Carlos Martínez Ortega, who noted that «The notarial work can not be left exclusively in the hands of digitalization and large computer equipment that facilitate transactions and legal business. Because the technological tools created by man are impersonal, they can not use empathy or evaluate all the circumstances by filling in simple data fields. For this reason, the future of the notarial institution does not only go through digitalization and the internet, although its proper use makes our work easier and can lead to faster documentation resolution delegated to the Notary. As has been said, the future of the Notary is based on ethical, moral and deontological principles, which allow citizens to freely go to notarial offices to resolve their legal matters. «

In addition, he announced there, before an expectant audience that proposed «the integration at international level of ONE INSTITUTION OF EMPLOYEES OF NOTARIES, that is able to attract young colleagues, that is capable of having weight in the institutions and that has power of influence on our legitimate claims.»

Then Ludwig Rasscheart, President of CPNUE, took the floor and indicated where our digital era is headed.

Then, the President of FEAPEN, José Gómez de la Rosa, took the floor, for which, «From a critical point of view, the biggest problem that this process of digitization and automation brings is in the depersonalization that entails and in the loss of the nuances, because not everything is white or black. There are often nuances and circumstances that affect the legal business, which should be taken into account and that can not be reflected in an electronic box with a simple cross. But this is, without a doubt, the price to be paid in favor of the streamlining of legal traffic and technological progress. We will always leave things behind on that path

In similar terms, the Presidents of the Belgian and French Associations, Vicent Vranck and Serge Forest, expressed themselves.

Next, Anne Melloue, President of the Greek Association and Secretary of UIPAN, took the podium, which in her speech stated that «digital work has changed the way we work, but the amount of work and hours of work have not changed», concluding that «digitization has been a benefit for the government, even for notaries, but not for employees».

The fundamental part of the Convention was in charge of Professor Claudio Rorato, Director of the Professional Observatory and Digital Innovation of the Polytechnic University of Milan. In a master class, he was developing the current digital world by putting attendees before the tessitura of two opposite paths by indicating that Digitalization can be seen as «An opportunity» or «A threat», therefore, as all the speakers emphasized the professionalism and the training will make us see the technological changes as an opportunity for the future of the workers in the Notaries

The event was concluded by our distinguished colleague Gabriele Rossetti, President of Unic @ and Vocal of Uipan, stating that «we must recognize that technological innovations have improved, at least in our sector, the response to clients and the notary service, which is made of advice, but also of many practical activities. We must take care of the value that the activity of the notary public provides in the important phases of the lives of people and their families that can not be separated from a social approach «.

UIPAN is grateful to Unic @ for the invitation to this important event for the collective of professionals of Notaries distributed all over the world, and following the words of the President of UIPAN we all contribute to preserve the «essences» of the Notary through our commitment to the notarial institution and our colleagues around the world.


UIPAN participates in the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Inter Nos magazine


Last October 20, 2018, took place in the historic Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country, in the Torre de los Lujanes in Madrid, the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the magazine INTER NOS, edited by the State Association of Employees of Notaries – FEAPEN – of Spain.

UIPAN was very well represented, as it had members of its Board of Directors, such as Juan Carlos Martínez, Dina Nicosia, Gabriele Rossetti, Juan Carlos Rodicio and Miguel Ángel Bueno.

The Vice President of UIPAN, Dina Nicosia, conveyed her congratulations to the more than seventy guests and made a call to young people to get involved in training and corporate affairs.

Little by little, year after year, the auxiliaries of the Notariado are leaving our mark for our work and having completed 25 years a publication, quarter after quarter is an achievement without equal.

Congratulations to the four Directors of Inter Nos, including our President, Juan Carlos Martínez.

UIPAN continues to grow along with the FEAPEN and UNIC @ Associations, which were represented at the event, by their Presidents, José Gómez de la Rosa and Gabriele Rossetti.


UIPAN signs collaboration agreement to provide a university course in Bolivia «expert in management and administration of notaries


On July 23, 2018, UIPAN has signed a collaboration agreement with the High School of Management and Business Administration S.L. (EDAE) for the delivery of a course of «UNIVERSITY EXPERT IN MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION OF NOTARIES» addressed to the notary assistants of BOLIVIA, which will have the support of the UNIVERSITY NUR.

The agreement has been signed by Gonzalo Ruiz Sánchez, on behalf of the EDAE, and by the President of UIPAN, Juan Carlos Martínez Ortega, who has been accompanied by the members of the Association, Rafael Rodríguez and Miguel Ángel Bueno.

The program will begin at the end of September and there is much expectation about the outcome of this exciting and participatory project in a country like Bolivia.

UIPAN is walking steadily towards its final goal, collaborating with all the auxiliaries of the Notaries in their training and preparation to assume their work in the Notaries with greater rigor and professionalism.


Boletin UIPAN – Number 5



The president of the council of notaries of Europe receives UIPAN members


On 6 June, a meeting with President Marius Kohler and Secretary General Raul Radoi, the heads of the Council of Notaries of Europe (CNUE), took place in Brussels, with the President and Member of the Council, of the Professional International Union of Auxiliaries of Notaries (UIPAN), Juan Carlos Martínez Ortega and Anne Malleu, of Spain and Greece, accompanied by the Belgian, María Rosa Crespo.

The meeting took place in a climate of cordiality and mutual understanding, evidencing that from different positions, both organizations have a common objective: the strengthening of the notarial institution.

We express to the President Mr. Kohler, our concern for the people who disembark in the Notarial Offices to work, indicating that they have to gather, not only technical and legal requirements, but also values and principles that facilitate the work of legal security that the Notary

It is necessary more than ever the formation of all the human team that forms the structure of the Notary, and that happens, irremediably, by current legal and technological instruction. Continuous training is required to meet the new challenges of our globalized world.

Our representatives delivered the members of CNUE a dossier with our objectives, corporate and training projects.

We explain that CNUE needs UIPAN and vice versa. The European Notary is not limited to a group of legal elite made up of 40,000 Notaries, but, at their side and under their direction, there are more than 200,000 professionals who contribute to the maintenance of the institution.

Together we are more.

We hope that this meeting will involve a greater involvement of CNUE in the training of Notarial workers and that, in a clear and generous manner, they will support financially and corporately all the projects of UIPAN, the World Association of Auxiliaries of Notaries.


Naples welcomes the first training seminar of UIPAN


On Saturday, April 14, 2018, at the prestigious Cervantes Institute in Naples (Italy), the Association «International Professional Union of Auxiliaries of Notaries» UIPAN carried out with outstanding success its first Training Seminar directed mainly to the group of employees of Notaries.

The seventy participants, from Italy, Spain and Greece, enjoyed the legal program that developed the practical aspects of the succession in Spain and Italy, highlighting the European Certificate of Succession.

The act was opened by Italian notary assistants Michela Crecentini and Dina Nicosia, Member and Vice President of UIPAN.

Next, the President of the Notarial Council of Naples, Antonio Areniello, spoke with encouraging words, showing how we have to work together and harmoniously Notaries and employees.

On the Spanish side, Juan Pablo Pérez Velázquez and Juan Carlos Martínez, professors of the Pablo de Olavide University of Seville and the Center for University Studies, of Madrid, respectively, attended the topics «The reform of the legitimate» and » The public testament in front of the holograph «.

The other participants were the Notaries: Antonio Fuccillo, whose lecture was «The Pact of Succession in the present Italian and future European» and Doménico Damascelli and Paolo Pascualis who explored the most practical aspects in the notarial offices on the «Certificate of European Succession».

The last lecture was given by Roberta Catalano, professor at the University of the «Luigi Vanvitelli» Company of Naples, who spoke on «The testament between Italian law and European circulation»

Gabrielle Rossetti, President of UNIC @, closed the ceremony.

As a culmination, a tribute was given to all the speakers, and the President and Vice President of UIPAN, Juan Carlos Martínez and Dina Nicosia, gave a public recognition also to the coordinator of the Seminar, Michela Crecentini, with warm applause

Undoubtedly, this first seminar has demonstrated the clear formative vocation of the Spanish International Association UIPAN, which is getting the support of notarial institutions to instruct and provide training to a group that is estimated around the world in about two million professionals